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CAMPBELL Clinical Legal Consulting will provide you with a multidisciplinary approach offering professional, clinical-based opinions regarding merits of case, standards of care and areas of liability. Our ability to examine, interpret, and apply all relevant medically related information in a claim/case will maximize productivity by removing the strain and time constraints of your extensive medical research. We are experts in evaluating and summarizing the injuries sustained as a result of alleged negligence, as well as the treatment and impact of these in the client/plaintiff’s life. CAMPBELL Clinical Legal Consultants are able to accurately assess the pathological process and any issues of alternate causation. Our team provides effective, defendable reports with supporting evidence from the medical records to assist the attorney in determining the appropriate demand, settlement or defense. Leverage the existing clinical expertise of CAMPBELL Clinical Legal Consulting. We offer CaseMap® to efficiently complete Patient Profile Forms that track progress and critical details. Our specialized healthcare and clinical competence aids in identifying and preparing files for expert review, saving your practice additional expense and time.

Keep your experts for testimony and save while you build your case with CAMPBELL Clinical Legal Consulting.
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